If you are looking for the perfect grooming gift for a man, look no further than the Trym II beard trimmer, manufactured by Pure Enrichment.

Trym II packaging

The Trym II ticks all the most important boxes when looking for an ideal present.

It looks great… and expensive! This trimmer is probably one of the best looking trimmers ever made. From the packaging to the design of the trimmer itself, you wouldn’t be the first person to mistake this grooming tool for an Apple product.

It works beautifully! The last thing you’d ever want to happen when buying a gift for somebody is to find out a few weeks later that it didn’t work as intended or was a complete piece of junk. The Trym II doesn’t suffer from this fate and gets the hair trimming job done almost as well as the most expensive trimmers out on the market.

Affordable! This beard trimmer is not only easy on the eyes, but it’s also easy on the wallet too.

The best part of gifting a beard trimmer is that you know it’s a tool that ALL men need. Keeping the facial hair in-check is something that all men have to do. From it’s expensive appearance, to it’s efficient functioning, the Trym II is sure to be appreciated by most men.

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The Trym II

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